"I think it’s really cool that the lines between styles and mediums are being blurred these days and we’re able to use the overarching term of ‘art’ that much more." —Don Clark

I have a sense of humor, I swear. But when it comes to the things I love the most, I’ve always had a tendency to take them way too seriously. Take girlfriends, for example. And design, of course.

When a particular design finds inroads beyond my guarded walls, to the place where I get a chuckle from it, yet still admire its execution, I have to give it props. A recent find by the Seattle design firm Invisible Creature, a T-shirt titled “Hard to Read,” is one such specimen. Riffing on a fairly dark and niche form of lettering—the predominantly illegible hand-drawn “logos” of death- and black-metal bands—this tongue in cheek design breathes some wit and cheer into the genre. I’m personally not one to don* this style of fashion, but if you see me with this on in the near future, don’t be too surprised.

Hand-drawn lettering, blackletter typefaces, and calligraphy in general, were early and formative influences on me—both on my design career and my overall interest in typography. I also have a fairly curious ear, and love to explore less popular genres of music, metal iuncluded. It shouldn’t be too surprising, then, that this logo style is an art form that has consistently piqued my interest. Vaguely calligraphic, and grotesquely , there is much to digest. The field (if you can call it that) even has its own Paul Rand—or so says Armin Vit—and has been dubbed by this master as Depressiv’ Moderne. Thankfully, we have a witty T-shirt to lighten even the most depressiv’ of moods.

*Pardon the pun, Mr. Clark. See? Humor!

The above quote is taken from a 2008 interview with Don Clark on Grain Edit.

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