The reason why these ephemeral and scattered thoughts are so significant for me is that I can see myself as a tiny fraction like those thoughts, and also I'm the collection of those fractions. I'm the mundane being, a sort of dust everywhere. I'm anyone or anything in anywhere. I want to sweep and gather all those tiny little fractions on paper so as not to be scattered. —Daehyun Kim

A while back, I came across the South Korean artist Daehyun Kim. I dug his work. Much is accomplished with little, and if any characteristic makes me happy, that’s it. His drawings — as determined by my Western eye — have obvious roots in traditional Asian art forms. But there was something else, beyond form and purported affinities, that sparked my interest.

In the last 6 months, life has been quickly schooling me in the true and lasting value of relationships. Breakups, reunions, near-death experiences, cancer, Alzheimer’s — sometimes life just makes you listen.

Kim’s work tapped into my psyche of that particular moment. It is the product of diligent outward observation and deep introspection. That is what struck me. He’s taken the time to listen, to watch, and to learn. And what he’s learned — or is learning — he’s shared and is sharing. There is a sadness in his work, to be sure, but there is also a visceral joy to it too — a joy that revels in the connectivity of one person to another. Viewing these simple, colorless forms is just another gentle reminder of what I’ve been learning my whole life: keep connecting.

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