For the next time you fancy yourself on the lawns of Versailles, but without the travel.

I have a little thing for games. Not board games and the typical indoor fare, but light-hearted, social outdoor games the likes of bocce ball, horse shoes, or the Foxtail

Gates, a modern rendition of croquet, fits perfectly into this camp. Designed by French product designer Romain Lagrange during his masters studies at École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, and built by French and Swiss craftsmen, this aesthetically stunning and thoughtfully constructed wood and leather set reclaims from history what was once a French summertime activity, bringing it indoors for year–round use.

The design has effectively streamlined and unified what has traditionally been a game of many disjointed parts, and cumbersome to transport. Gates, when assembled, consists of only 2 mallets and one easily-carried assemblage of gates, balls and stakes. So, next time you’d like to fancy yourself on the lawns of Versailles, but with a little contemporary flare, and without the travel, look into finding one of these beauties.

I should also note that Lagrange’s other documented work (especially his ceramic Or collection, for Bernardaud)—not to mention his website—are also worth viewing. A solid show, all around.

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